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Female Charged with Dangerous Operation of a Vehicle


Broadcast Time: 12:45 pm                        Date: January 18, 2024


On Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 1:18am, SPS patrol officers located a suspicious motor vehicle stopped in the parking lot of 110 East Street in Sarnia.  This is a commercial parking lot that had no businesses open at that hour. Officers approached the vehicle and observed two unconscious occupants in the running vehicle. 

To prevent any possibility of a pursuit and the risk they can pose to the public, police vehicles and a tire deflation device were deployed to prevent the vehicle fleeing the scene.  With those risk mitigation measures in place, the officers attempted to wake the occupants to ascertain their circumstances.  Upon being awakened, the driver removed her foot from the brakes of the running vehicle, putting it into motion.  The vehicle impacted the police car parked in front (very minor damage).  At that time, the occupants were removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest.

The officers charged the driver with dangerous operation of a conveyance given that she, having regard to all the circumstances, was operating it in a manner dangerous to the public. Joy Sybrandy 42 years of Wallaceburg was released on Undertaking with a court date later next month.


Inspector Michael Van Sickle

Operations Division

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