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Increase In Fraud Scams in the City of Sarnia


Broadcast Time:    1500 hrs                            Date: July 7, 2023

The Sarnia Police Service (SPS) wants to raise awareness and combat an increase in scams that is being seen across the city.

These may include:

•    Employment Scams

•    Catfishing

•    Grandparent Scams

•    Phishing

These types of scams have been reported over the past couple months and the SPS is concerned the increase in frauds may continue.

In one case, the victim observed a work from home job opportunity posted on social media.  A “contract” was sent and signed electronically.  The victim was sent a cashier’s check for $3000 to make purchases of gift cards and more to prepare for the at home work.  The victim deposited the cashier’s check, and began making the purchases as requested.  Several days later after having made the purchases, and providing the money back to the scammers, she learned the check “bounced”. 

Members of the public are encouraged to consider the following tips to help protect themselves from fraudulent scams:

  • A general warning sign is when someone gives you a cheque and asks you to send some of the funds elsewhere. If you are told that you will receive money and to forward part or all of that money to someone else for any purpose, know that this is a scam — no matter how reasonable the explanation.
  • Whether you are accepting funds or making payments, it’s always important to be comfortable with the transaction and aware of who you are accepting cheques from.
  • Do not spend money from any cheque until the money has been cleared from the financial institution (bank or credit union) the cheque is being drawn upon.

f you believe you have been a victim of a similar scam, you can file a complaint with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or contact the Sarnia Police Service at 519-344-8861. 


D/Cst. Alex Cunningham #237

Criminal Investigation Division

Tel: 519-344-8861, extension 6237

Email: 237@police.sarnia.on.ca







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