Emergency: 911 General Inquiries: (519) 344-8861

Community Response Division

The Community Response Division is the largest and most visible Division of the Service. Encompassing Community Patrol, Community Policing, Alternative Response Unit, and the JFO Court Services Branch, this division is the true “front line” and face of the Sarnia Police Service. The 76 police officers and 12 full and part time civilian staff all report to the Community Response Division Inspector, whose job it is to ensure the citizens of Sarnia continue to receive exemplary police service.

Community Patrol Branch

This branch, previously called Uniform, is the branch most often in contact with the public as they are the “First Responders” who are dispatched to investigate and control everything from neighbour disputes to homicide scenes. The Community Patrol Branch is comprised of 60 officers that maintain order and safety for Sarnia 24 hours a day.

Supervised by one Staff Sergeant and two Sergeant per Platoon, officers perform many duties including range officers, coach officers, Intoxilyzer technicians, use of force instructors, and Emergency Response Team members. On top of this, the Platoons are being encouraged to come up with problem solving ideas to combat identified problems in our community.

The men and women of the Community Patrol Branch continue to provide excellent service and will strive to keep the citizens of Sarnia safe and secure into 2024 and beyond.

Court Security and J.F.O. Court Services Branch

Community Policing Branch

The Community Policing Branch consists of three smaller units described below commanded by a Sergeant.

Traffic Section

This unit consists of three constables specially trained in motor vehicle collision investigations. They investigate all serious collisions utilizing reconstruction techniques to accurately determine the facts of the collision. They also do enforcement specifically directed at drivers who drive aggressively or distracted and thereby endanger the community.

COPPS (Community Orientated Police Problem Solving)

This unit consists of four constables. These officers do a variety of duties. They identify issues that endanger the safety and property of the community and take various actions including cruiser, foot and bicycle patrol to address it. The members of this unit are very enforcement minded although they also utilize presence and community education to deter criminal behavior. The officers focus much of their attention on persons wanted on warrants and those already charged with offenses and released on bail with conditions.

Community Services Section

This unit consists of two Constables whose primary duty is educating the public by way of  direct presentations and the utilization of mass media including the Web, Facebook and Twitter.

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