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Investigative Services

The specialized branches of the Investigative Services Division are staffed by officers who are selected, trained and certified to conduct investigations that often require more time, detail and experience in the following areas.

Criminal Investigations Branch

Forensic Identification branch

Youth Branch

Drug/Vice Branch

Electronic Crimes Branch

Crime Stoppers J.F.O Branch

An Inspector is responsible for the day to day operations of the Investigative Services Division and supervises one Staff Sergeant,  five Sergeants and nineteen Constables.

Criminal Investigations Branch

Criminal Investigations Branch investigates crimes such as homicides, serious assaults, sexual assaults, elder abuse,fraud,break and enter, major thefts and robberies. The Branch is commanded by a Staff Sergeant who oversees two Sergeants and eight Constables.

The Branch  coordinates with other  branches throughout the Sarnia Police Service  to resolve the cases they investigate.

Forensic Identification Branch

The Forensic Identification Branch includes one sergeant and two Constables. Members from this branch attend crime scenes in order to collect evidence to support  investigations. Members also fingerprint accused persons in accordance with the Identification of Criminals Act and obtain DNA samples from convicted persons.

Youth Branch

The youth Branch consist of three Detective Constables who follow up and investigate matters involving youths ranging from 12 to 15 years of age. Officers also counsel and direct parents and guardians of youths of all ages with advice regarding criminal and non-criminal behavior. Officers work in co-operation with schools and various agencies within the community that assist youth in our community.

Drug/Vice Branch

The Drug/Vice Branch consist of a Sergeant and four Constables who conduct drug investigations

The Sarnia Police Service Vice Branch was kept busy in 2014 conducting 70 drug related searches and laid a total of 337 Controlled Drugs and substances act as well as Criminal Code charges.

Officers are continuing to see a large amount of Crystal Methamphetamine and Fentanyl in the city.

The Vice Branch continues to work with the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) in monitoring the activities of local city premises licensed to sell alcohol.

Electronics Crimes Branch

The Electronic Crimes Branch was created in 2009 to address the explosion of digital evidence found on computers and cellular devices. Digital evidence is now a factor in almost every crime in today’s modern society, such as threating text messages, frauds and drug dealing. The Forensic Analyst examines computers and cellular devices, and extracts digital evidence related to the case for investigating officers.

Crime Stoppers J.F.O. Branch

The Sarnia Lambton Crime Stoppers program continues to contribute to successful police investigations both here in the City of Sarnia, and out in the County of Lambton as well.

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