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Support Services

The Support Services Division is led by an Inspector and is comprised of one Sergeant and a team of dedicated civilian staff that form the backbone of the Service. These staff may be “behind the scenes” in policing, but their work is crucial to the smooth operation of the Service. The Support Services Division is comprised of five key support functions.

The Information Services Branch is led by an experienced Sergeant who is responsible for the Judicial Services Section and the Central Records Section. The Judicial Services Section is responsible for the processing and tracking of court related briefs and other documents that are required for the successful prosecution of offenders. The Central Records Section is responsible for the creation and management of Sarnia Police Service documents and records. Both sections utilize the Niche Records Management System to perform their duties. Each Platoon has a Data Entry Clerk assigned to the Platoon to assist with the timely entry of reports generated by officers on the road. The Information Services Branch also processes record checks and freedom of information requests as requested by members of the public and our law enforcement partners. The generation and reporting of statistics relating to crime in our community and the activities of the Sarnia Police Service is performed by a member of the Central Records Section.

The Property Management and Quartermaster Stores Branch duties are performed by the Property Manager with the periodic assistance of officers trained in the disposal of controlled substances and firearms. The Property Manager is responsible for the preservation, control and disposition of evidence and property that comes into the possession of any member of the Sarnia Police Service. Additionally, the Property Manager is responsible for the Sarnia Police Service Quartermasters Stores which includes the dispersal and tracking of equipment issued to members of the Service and the storage of supplies and equipment required for the daily operation of the Service.

The Human Resources section is led by the Support Services Inspector with the support of a Human Resources Specialist from the City of Sarnia. The Support Services Inspector is responsible for all staffing-related activities, including management of recruitment and selection of officers in accordance with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Constable Selection System, recruitment and selection of civilian members, attendance management, employee assistance programs, and return-to-work programs in cooperation with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

The Communications Branch is led by a Communication/CPIC Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Sarnia Police Service Communication Centre and the CPIC Section. The Sarnia Police Service acts as a Public Safety Answering Point (P.S.A.P.) for all 911 emergencies in Sarnia and the Village of Point Edward. Twelve full-time and nine part-time Communicators are responsible in a 24/7 environment for all 9-1-1 calls for service received by the Sarnia Police Service. Once the nature of the emergency is identified, 911 calls are transferred to the appropriate emergency services agency. If the emergency requires a response by the Sarnia Police Service or Sarnia Fire Services, a Communicator will dispatch appropriate resources and will remain engaged with the call until it has been resolved and the officer/unit has returned to service. In addition to 9-1-1 calls for service, Sarnia Police Service Communicators must be conversant with the Chemical Valley Emergency Coordinating Organization (CVECO) procedures in the event of an industrial or municipal emergency of such a magnitude that the implementation of the Sarnia Emergency Plan is required. Communicators also respond to many business-associated calls for service and field many non-emergency requests for information. Two civilian CPIC operators make up the CPIC Section. These members are responsible for the timely entry and deletion of arrest warrants, criminal charges and other important public and officer safety information to the Canadian Police Information Computer.

The Systems Administration Branch is responsible for ensuring that the Sarnia Police Service remains on the leading edge of information technology. One Systems Administrator and one IT Help Desk Technician ensure that all Sarnia Police Service computer and communication systems and devices are properly installed, activated and maintained and that all appropriate security measures are in place to ensure systems integrity and security of information. The two civilian members of the Systems Administration Branch work as a team in concert with end-users throughout the Service to identify and address the future information technology needs of the Service.

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