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Services Collision Reporting Centre

Report traffic collisions to meet provincial legal requirements and insurance needs.

Ontario law requires all collisions where persons are injured, or where property damage exceeds $2,000 among all vehicles involved, to be reported to the police.

In order to best serve the community members in Sarnia, citizens can now start their collision report from home by visiting Report a Collision. Citizens will be provided with a reference number to bring into the collision reporting center with them to complete their report.

Visit the Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) at Sarnia Police Service headquarters. Get directions. The CRC office is open Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm. It is closed on weekends and holidays.

The CRC allows individuals to report less serious collisions in a much more effective manner rather than having to wait long periods of time before police can respond. It also allows officers to continue attending calls that are much more serious in nature.

During business hours, towed vehicles must go directly to the police reporting centre from the scene of the collision. The collision must have taken place in the city of Sarnia.

Before you arrive at the CRC

Steps to be taken by all drivers before arriving at the CRC:

  1. If it is safe to do so, remove vehicle from the roadway.
  2. Exchange information with the other involved drivers/parties, including independent witnesses. Obtain names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance and vehicle information, including driver’s licence and plate number.
  3. As soon as possible, go to the CRC with your vehicle. If your vehicle is drivable you have 72 hours to report your collision.
  4. Bring your documentation with you to the CRC (driver’s licence, vehicle registration and insurance). The driver must report to the CRC with the vehicle.

Visit Accident Support Services International for more information.

Collision Reporting Centre inside Sarnia Police Service headquarters

Taking a photo of each other’s information on your phone is a quick way to exchange information accurately!