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Back to School Traffic Safety Tips


Broadcast Time:    9:30 am            Date: August 31, 2023

As students, parents and teachers prepare to return to school next week; the Sarnia Police Service would like to remind all road users expect an increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic in school zones.

Road-safety is a priority of the SPS and we want to remind drivers to slow down, be aware of their driving behaviors and be mindful of their surroundings.


Students and parents:

  • Always walk on the sidewalk where there is one available
  • Use designated drop-off / pick-up areas
  • When crossing any road, use marked crosswalks, crossing guards, or controlled intersections with lights
  • Store phones and electronics in backpacks as they can be a dangerous distraction
  • If riding a bicycle, use proper hand signals, obey all traffic rules, walk your bicycle across intersections, and wear a helmet


  • Follow the posted speed limit, keeping in mind that most school and community safety zones have a posted limit of 40 km/h. The fines for speeding in these designated locations are doubled
  • Be vigilant and drive cautiously through school zones, because you never know when a child might step out from between parked cars, away from a school bus, or off a sidewalk
  • Wait until pedestrians and crossing guards are safely on the sidewalk before proceeding
  • Remember to share the road and give cyclists of all age one meter of clearance when passing them

Did you know?


Failing to stop for a school bus that has its stop arm extended and red flashing lights activated carries a $490 fine. It is the same fine if you proceed before the arm is retracted and the red lights are turned off.

The safety of our community is a shared responsibility. To report a road safety or traffic concern to the SPS, Click Here. In an emergency, dial 911.


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Sarnia Police Service

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