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Community Safety

The Sarnia Police Service is committed to working together with the community to create a safer place to live and work. Effective crime prevention requires a dynamic partnership between the police and the community. To ensure the community is able to assist in crime prevention, we offer a multitude of prevention literature, videos, pamphlets, and education courses. In addition, we have posted the following tips and links that we encourage you to read and disseminate among your family, friends, and coworkers.

Protect yourself against thefts and break and enters.


Always keep a light on in your house and outside your property.  Put on a radio when you are not home.  Buy motions sensor lights for the areas around your home.

Let your neighbours know when you will be away.  Permit your neighbour or friend to park in your driveway when you are not home.

Keeps all windows and doors locked, even if you are home. Patio doors can be furthered secured by putting a metal or wooden pole in the sliding track.

Put alarm stickers on your windows, even if you do not have an alarm system.

Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign on your fence or gate.  Keep a pair or running shoes or work boots at the door.  Hang items on your clothesline.  These things may deter would be thieves and perhaps make them think someone is home.

Report ANYTHING suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Keep valuables out of sight.  Always lock your car doors.

Mark your more expensive items with your own special identification mark, whether it be your initials, your date of birth, something that you know will identify that items as yours.   Buy an electronic engraver to engrave items like bikes, tools; motorized machines such as snow blowers and lawn mowers.

Drug Education
Drugs of Choice
Spotting The Signs Of Use
Student Info Card
What Opioids Looks Like

Internet Safety

Child Safety


MasoniChip – Identification Program

Road Safety (Vehicles, Car Seats, Licences etc)

Safety for Seniors


Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre


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